Metris - the new industrial revolution

Weiss Automation GmbH – ECO partner of the “Metris – Andritz Digital Solutions” program.

With the Metris project, Andritz AG is preparing its customers and partners for the growing digital changes in the industrial sector.

The basis of the Metris technology is a unique method of cybernetically arranging numerical data in order to be able to optimize and control machines and plants with the evaluation of this numerical material.

Metris and the goal of maximum optimization

The primary goal of the Metris program is to increase plant performance while maintaining product quality and reducing energy consumption and resource input.

Weiss Automation GmbH as ECO partner for the implementation and integration of the system at the customer’s site

Weiss Automation GmbH will carry out the implementation of the system at the customer’s site for Andritz AG after the initial analysis and the setting of objectives for the project. The aim of this cooperation is to support joint customers in this phase with experienced personnel trained in the system.

"Weiss Automation has been a reliable partner of Andritz AG for many years and will accompany us with its engineers, project and quality managers in the implementation of the Metris projects".

What Metris offers

Augmented Reality – Big Data – Smart Sensors

IIOT Solutions
Evaluable data
for all industries

State-of-the-art technology in the IIOT and Industry 4.o sector

Smart Sensor

Big Data
with proven models and deviation analyses

Local information visualized by
augmented reality

Extensive solution approaches through detailed process engineering knowledge

cybersecurity solutions
to backup the network data

IIoT Industrial Internet of Things

augmented reality

Making things visible where they are needed.

Complex processes or machine parts become visible on site. Under simple use of smart glasses or tablets, the handling of the system or machine becomes much easier for the operational staff

Smart Sensors

The eyes and ears of Industry 4.0

This area is about the already known use of special sensors, which are used in the mechanical as well as in the engineering area of factories. This data is transferred to higher-level systems via an interface. The Metris system uses new types of micro and wireless sensors that enable a much more intensive exchange of data.

Big Data

the decisive success factor for IIOT and Industrial 4.0

If a production is to be made more efficient, the important components such as Big Data – Industrial 4.0 or IOT must first be properly read analytically. With this insider knowledge, machines can be perfectly adjusted, output can be optimized, and any misruns can be prevented.

With Metris Vibe and Metris Vibe X
look ahead

“A new generation of sensors is at the start”

  • Metris Vibe – wireless vibration and temperature sensor
  • Measurability of the health status of mechanical equipment
  • Data transfer via Bluetooth
  • Direct interface connection to Metris UX is possible
  • Replaceable battery
  • Local data storage

Predictive maintenance

How healthy is their plant

  • Increased productivity and reliability
  • Advantages for the overall planning of plants
  • Planning of possible failures
  • Better lifetime planning
  • Cost reduction

Metris UX

Highest Level “Condition Monitoring

The Metris UX system is the total solution. It accompanies their plant for life. It combines functionalities for professional production management, simulation and optimization. With the latest sensors and a cyber security system, the condition of your plant is continuously monitored.

Advantages of Metris UX

  • monitors the condition of the plant and machinery continuously
  • Vibration is one of the first indicators of damage
  • Early detection of damage
  • Alarm Setting for Local Management
  • Ensuring reliable, continuous production
  • Indication of possible downtimes
  • Monitoring of unexpected noises
  • Simple maintenance planning

Andritz AG

Together in search of new partners

Together with Andritz AG Weiss Automation GmbH is looking for new innovative partners and customers who are willing to build a broad network together in order to further expand the Metris system and thus the status of Andritz AG as a leading technology company.