What is Process Control?
Process control is a statistics and engineering discipline that deals with architectures, mechanisms, and algorithms for controlling the output of a specific process. The main function of the process control is to control and observe the process to get defined values (temperature, level, humidity, etc.) and to trigger an alrarm if there are to high differences. More informationen at Wikipedia.
In the area of process control we can provide this systems:
  • Siemens PCS7
  • Emerson
  • ABB
  • Foxboro
  • B&R Aprol
Customers: ANDRITZ AG – electrical and automation engineering division   Excerpt of projects:
Pulp 2000 – 2001 Brasil
Pulp 2004 – 2005 Brasil
  • SANTA FE 2
Pulp 2005 – 2006 Chile
Drying plant 2003 Austria
Refiner 2000 China
Pulp 2004 China
Person for contact and information ANDRITZ AG Contact on request Mr. Ing. Franz MAISCHBERGER – Frantschach Pulp and Paper AG Leader project management, EMRT, automation engineering, process IT A-9413 St. Gertraud Tel.: +43 (0) 4352 530 289 email: