1996: Foundation of the licensed company for electrical engineering Ing. Johann Sauseng in Pinkafeld / Austria. Due to the experience of more than 15 years on the field of automation and electrical engineering we could handle more and more small and medium projects which where mainly bound to abroad or were commissioned there. Some example projects which were realized in this time: zinc flash plants in Ghazaouet/Algeria, several sludge drying plants in Germany, Great Britain, Spain etc., rolling mills in Germany, ceramic industry Wienerberger company in Rotenturm/Austria. 2001: Due to the growing demand and growing size and complexity of the projects WEISS AUTOMATION was founded by Mrs. Gerlinde Weiss (commercial manager) and Mr. Ing. Johann Sauseng-Weiss (industrial manager). 2008 Because of the upcoming overall economy and the growing demand in the area of South America WEISS AUTOMATION has decided to open a subcompany – WEISS AUTOMATION CHILE S.A. 2008 Office opening WEISS AUTOMATION e.U. in Vienna/Austria. 2009 Changing legal status from Weiss Automation e.U. to Weiss Automation GmbH. Today Weiss Automation is a growing company with already 20 high qualified salaried employees and up to 6 high qualified freelancers. The high flexibility, operational readiness and the high exprience and competence of our team makes us a well-known partner for the implementation of your automation and electrical engineering tasks.

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