All employees of WEISS AUTOMATION GmbH have got an enormous experience in building and plant automation thru their tasks around the world for many years.. General automation
  • Consulting
  • Planning / projecting / project management
  • Cost optimizing / efficiency
  • Junction production
  • Industry montage / site observation
  • Calibration of measuring devices
  • Training
Production of switching cabinets: We produce electircal and pneumatic switching stations by the aspect of actual rules, engineer standards and guidelines.
  • After finishing the production all controls get testet and verified extensive
  • The results are documented in a test protocol.
  • Small / building junctions
  • MCC-cabinets
  • ICA/PLC-cabinets
  • Main junctions
  • Control- and measuring desks
Montage, Start up, Service We offer start up, montage and service – after agreement with our customers – world-wide. We offer following services:
  • Troubleshooting for hardware components
  • Repairing or replacement of defect hardware
  • Analysing, planning and engineering of maintenance projects
  • Inspection, maintenance, service
  • Planning and execution of overall revisions
  • Replacement of plant- and machine components
  • Eliminate failures
  • Modification and optimization of existing plants
  • Feasibility studies for Machbarkeitsstudeien für modernization of industy plants
MCR production
  • MCR implementation
  • Pneumatic piping
  • Wiring and connection works
  • Mounting of cable trays and protection pipes
  • Start up
  • Creation of test protocols