“LOSE SIGHT OF THE FOREST FOR THE TREES” – This saying comes true very often in the area of automation engineering. With our competence and experience wold-wide we want to help you to find the way from the “I NEED SOMETHING” to the “THAT’S QUITE THE THING”.

WEISS AUTOMATION GmbH deals with the analysis, realization and synthesis of control and process engineering problems in the fields of industry plant building, mechanical engineering and process optimization to reduce costs.

We help you on configurating, optimizing and using of modern CAE technologies, we design special solutions for microcontoller and microprocessor software for you, we design and administrate your professional web presence and we offer you hardware design and on site observation.

We can also make industrial education and training on pedagogical points and on usage of well prepared documents because two of our employees have a qualified degree in pedagogic.


Our company does not use only well-tried but tries to inform our customers about the actual state of technology and to use this. To reach this target our employees have a very high flexibility and they know to use the most modern technologies.


As provider for system independed solutions we try to find the best solution for your request. We help you to find the best hardware or system with an adequate cost/performance ratio, we develop and implement a concept together and we offer a extensive post-care with education and technical support.


Our employees have a long and world-wide experience on different systems and applications. For us it is a main topic to make solution strategies cooperative, to explain advantages and disadvantages to our customers and to deliver customer specific solutions.