Comos user support, Hotline, Trainings Job profile:
  • Integration of project specific solutions
  • Script writing with high level languages
  • Standardization of data structures
  • User support
  • Treat with requests within the hotline
  • Preparing and holding of trainings
Place of employment:
  • Graz / Austria
  • Vienna / Austria
  • Degree of an university, advanced technical college or higher institute of technical education in electrical engineering, automation engineering or information technology
  • Ability to reason, high operational readiness, high eagerness to learn
  • Proactive and independent and team oriented working
  • High technical interesst, going further than programming
  • Good programming and planning experiences are advantageous (Comos, Eplan, E³, Elcad)
  • Database knowledge
  • Foreign languages (German, English, Spanish, …)
  • Several years of professional experience are condition for this job