CAD / CAE Comos®

What is Comos® ?
Comos® is the integrated, object oriented CAE system by Comos Industry Solutions GmbH. As one of the most innovative software solutions Comos® offers following products:
  • Comos® PT
  • Comos® FEED
  • Comos® P&ID
  • Comos® ET und Comos® ET Advanced
More information about the product range of Comos® can be found at Comos Industry Solutions GmbH.
What do we offer with Comos® ?
  • Administration
  • Customizing
  • Programming
  • Engineering
  • Professional support
on all products mentioned above and following modules:
  • Comos® PT Basic – Basic Engineering
  • Process engineering
  • Conceptual Modeler
  • PFD / P&ID – Flow diagram creation
  • Viper – 2D/3D Placing diagram and piping
  • Isometrics – Perspective pipe viewing
  • Pipe class management – Pipe parts / pipe class handling
  • MCR – Electronics, measuring and conrtol technics
  • FUP – Function diagrams
  • iAge – Maintenance
  • Ressource management
  • Interfaces (e.g. Eplan®, Microstation®, Autocad®, MS-Office®)
  • View – Viewing Access to data and documents


What is E3.series® ?
E3.series® is a universal, unicode capable CAE system by Zuken. The completely object oriented system supports you in the whole life-circle of plants and products. Thereby it supports you in the creating and maintenance of electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic diagrams, PCB designs and the whole plant and production documentation.
More information about the product range of E3.series® can be found at Zuken.
What do we offer with E3.series® ?
  • Administration
  • Programmierung
  • Schaltplankonfigurationslösungen
  • Prozessautomatisierung
  • Schulungen (in Abstimmung mit dem Schulungsplan von Zuken)
  • Engineering
  • Professionelle Hilfestellung